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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here! First of all, let's take a deep breath together. 

Inhale. Deeper!!..... and, exhale.

Ahh. Better. My biggest message to families is: do not stress. You've got this!

I have been helping families prepare for the birth experience since 2016, serving families across Mecklenburg and beyond!


I named my company Prepared Birth because I believe the most important thing you ought to do during pregnancy is get ready for birth! Knowledge helps eliminate fear, so it's best to become as informed as you possibly can! 

Pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding are significant stages in the life of a mother. Through the classes, we will get your family ready for those new chapters ahead. Just as you would plan your wedding, you can plan for your birth, greatly increasing your chance of having a fully unmedicated, natural delivery. 


(I also work with second-time moms who want to have a different birthing experience this time around.)


Prepared Birth offers comprehensive childbirth education using The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth. Additionally I am a doula, and my fee is lower for students. Continue reading below! Thank you for being here today!

Your baby's birth belongs to you


My job is to provide you with useful information and tools for the process, so you have the birth you want!


My services:

Childbirth Education Classes

Doula Services

Homebirth Planning


About Kalle Thompson

I have been teaching Bradley classes in private, group, and video settings since 2016. I had my three children (pictured) with midwives, first in a birth center and the next two in home births. I have worked with VBAC moms, second-time moms who wanted to brush up their memory of labor, and first-time birth center, hospital, and home birth families. 

The Bradley Method has a high rate of success! Around 85% of women who take the Bradley course during pregnancy will have a natural, unmedicated vaginal birth.

I have taken other childbirth education training courses, as well as midwifery and doula courses, and I bring all of my life experience, teaching knowledge, and curiosity towards the birthing year into my class! It would be my honor to join you in your pregnancy journey and enhance your natural birth preparation process. Contact me today for availability. 

Course Content:

- Introduction, Quick History of Bradley, exercises, mindset, relaxation practice

- Pregnancy anatomy, pregnancy complaints, baby positioning, breastfeeding

- Partner's role as coach, Things Coaches Say, relaxation practice, hospital packing checklist

- Labor Stages, cervical progress, cervical checks, when to leave for the birth place

- Working with your care provider, consumerism, interventions, pushing

- Creating a birth plan, induction methods, complications, labor rehearsal

- Postpartum and getting ready for baby, common newborn procedures

Content subject to rearrangement! We WILL cover everything above, and more. I incorporate custom games and challenges, art making, and videos. 

Each class ends with a guided relaxation using a reading from the Bradley Workbook or another birth book, in particular Mind Over Labor by Carl Jones. 

Call or Email to begin! 


Doula Services

I am a doula. My intention is to bring calm, reassuring energy, gentle touch, and soft words into your birthing space. During my classes, I talk (a lot!). I lead. I direct. My work is to inform.


At a birth, I shift into a woman led, in awe, by YOUR birthing energy. I have walked in your shoes, through a natural labor, and I will walk beside you, with tools and encouragement. That is my doula style. I offer a discount for doula clients who take my childbirth course.



Kalle Thompson, AAHCC

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"Birth isn't something we suffer, but something we actively Do and exult in." 


-SHeila Kitzinger


"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers: strong, competent, capable mothers, who know themselves and trust their inner strength."


-Barbara Katz Rothman

"When a woman feels confident in her body, well supported, and able to express herself..., the pain that she may feel in labor and birth can become easily bearable and just one part of the process." 

-Sarah J. Buckley, MD

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